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Project Background

Find out more hier about the Chair of Business Administration, especially Environmental Management and Accounting of the Dresden University of Technology. Due to increasing ecological scarcity, the environment has become an economically scarce and, thus, decision-relevant parameter. In response to this development, the Faculty of Economics at the Dresden University of Technology established this chair in 1996. The focus of the teaching and research tasks is the tension between economy and ecology, with a focus on the economic-ecological optimization of operational decision-making processes. Read more ...

Dresden is currently regarded as one of the largest and most dynamic economic regions in the federal states of eastern Germany. Nevertheless, the metropolis on the Elbe River and its surrounding area are to be affected in the future by the direct and indirect effects of climate change. The expected climate changes pose challenges for almost all areas of public and private life. Therefore a broad consortium of regional actors from the fields of politics, administration, economy and science puts the city and region of Dresden at the center of attention for extensive investigations. Within the framework of the project “Development and Testing of an Integrated Regional Climate Change Adaption Program for the Model Region Dresden“ – in brief REGKLAM – they develop strategies for dealing with the regional impacts of climate change. The regional climate change poses not only risks, but also opportunities for Dresden and its surroundings. To recognize and to use those, and at the same time to reduce and prevent risks, is the particular challenge to meet for the region. Read more ...

REGKLAM is one out of seven pilot projects in Germany. REGKLAM is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research ( BMBF) within the frame of the funding measure “KLIMZUG – Regions adapt to climate change“. KLIMZUG supports regions in Germany in developing and implementing regionally specific measures to adapt to climate change. The funded projects have the function of a role model for other regions in Germany. REGKLAM has a project period from 2008 to mid-2013. Read more ...



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