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Dr. David Kneis

This page extends my official home page at TU Dresden Institute of Hydrobiology.


Phone +49 351 463 32 32 9
Email firstname.lastname@tu-dresden.de
Postal address TU Dresden, Institute of Hydrobiology, 01062 Dresden, Germany
Visiting address Zellescher Weg 40 (Drudebau), Room 3 (basement)


I'm working on topics at the interface of hydrology and ecology. Typically, my focus is on process-based mathematical modeling and data analysis but I like field work and experiments as well. My core topics include: You can find examples of current eco-hydrological models on this website maintained together with my colleage Thomas Petzoldt.


An up-to-date list of publications in peer-review journals can be found, e.g., here (google scholar) or here (ORCID).


System analysis

(Master Hydrobiology, MHB03a)

Ecology of lakes ('Geierswalde' field course)

(Master Hydrobiology, MHB01)

16S rRNA amplicon sequence analysis

(Master Hydrobiology, MHyb02; MBBT 2023)

Loads, balances, and the CFSTR

(Master Hydrobiology, MHyb11, 2022)

Data management; SHORT version

(Master Hydrobiology, MHyb11, 2022)

Data management; LONG version

(Master Hydrobiology, MHyb11, 2020)

Crash course in R

(ANSWER ITN, Dresden, 2016)

Introduction to water quality modeling

(in German, Uni Potsdam, 2014)

Ordinary differential equations

(in German, Uni Potsdam, 2014)


Modeling tools developed by myself can be accessed via a dedicated github page. Below are some direct links.

R-package rodeo Facilitates the implementation of models built on ODE and 1-dimensional PDE
R-package tabular SQL-like constrainst for poor man's data bases
ECHSE framework C++ based framework for (eco)-hydrological modeling


since 2014 Scientist at the Institute of Hydrobiology, TU Dresden, Germany
2016-2020 Scientist at the Environmental Research Center - UFZ, Dept. of River Ecology, Magdeburg, Germany (Group of Markus Weitere)
2010-2014 Scientist at the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Potsdam, Germany
2012/2013 Visiting scientist at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal, India (Group of R. Singh)
2007-2010 Visiting scientist at the flood forecasting center of Saxony (Dresden, Germany)
2007 PhD in Geoecology (download thesis)
2002-2006 PhD Student, University of Potsdam (Group of Axel Bronstert)
1997-2002 Studies of Geoecology, University of Potsdam, Germany

Prototypes (experimental, not meant for public use)