Mustafa Saraoğlu, M.Sc.

Research Assistant/PhD Candidate
Group for Model-based System Analysis
Institute of Automation
Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Technische Universität Dresden

Mustafa Saraoglu

Personal Background

I was born in Üsküdar, Istanbul in 1991. I have become a mechanical engineer after graduating from Istanbul Technical University in 2014 and started my master studies in the control and automation engineering master program at the same university. In 2016, I have written my thesis at the Institute of Automation at TU Dresden as a part of my Erasmus Programme. In July 2017, I have received the master of science title in control and automation from Istanbul Technical University and by the same year August, I have started my doctoral studies at TU Dresden. Recently, I am pursuing my Ph.D. at the Institute of Automation. My research focus is on the safety assessment of autonomous vehicles and their components. I am developing a simulation framework, MOBATSim, as an attempt to relate the future issues of the automotive industry and the future of our everyday lives. You can find the rest of the details below :)

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Mustafa Saraoglu

Mustafa Saraoglu

Academic Profiles

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MOBATSim Project

MOBATSim: a Model-based Autonomous Traffic Simulation Framework for Safety Assessment, is a framework developed in the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technische Universität Dresden.

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Publications List

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Mustafa Saraoglu Chess


If you would like to play chess with me, here is my Lichess profile. I usually play 1 minute rated bullet games on internet so feel free to send invitations. Other than that I rarely participate in classic tournaments, the last one was Grenke Open 2019 in Karlsruhe. My current standard fide elo rating is 1784.

Mustafa Saraoglu Chess
Mustafa Saraoglu Fencing


I enjoy training and participating in tournaments. I have placed 1st in individual épée tournament in TU Dresden and placed 9th in the Radebeul Fechtcup Tournament. Currently, I fight for USV Dresden in Kreisliga Landkreis.

Mustafa Saraoglu Fencing
Mustafa Saraoglu Panama

Traveling and Climbing

Besides the competitive sports, I enjoy traveling and climbing. I like to learn new languages and get to know different cultures. Central and South America are my favourite travel destinations. I like bouldering especially when I go with my companions.

Mustafa Saraoglu Climbing