About me


Welcome to the homepage of Ivan Gudymenko!

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my homepage. From 2013 till 2015 I had been writing my PhD at TU Dresden, Faculty of Computer Science, Chair of Privacy and Data Security and successfully graduated in April 2015. My research area is privacy protection in ubiquitous computing (UbiComp), namely in UbiComp NFC/RFID-based systems (NFC stands for Near Field Communication and RFID for Radio Frequency Identification). More specifically, I am focusing on privacy-preserving mechanisms for e-ticketing systems in public transportation sector which are based on NFC/RFID technologies. Currently, I am working as an IT security architect at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH in Dresden. If you have any questions regarding my research activities or would like to come up with a project proposal, etc., feel free to drop me an e-mail, see the contacts tab. Cheers!